Cup or Cone

Small                                2.99

Large                                3.99          Waffle cone: add .50


Regular Sundae         3.95

Two scoops, one topping, whipped cream and cherry 

Specialty Sundae       5.25

Three scoops, two toppings, whipped cream and cherry

Banana  Split                 5.95  

One full banana, choose three flavors of ice cream,

three toppings, whipped cream and cherry.

kids Korner

Mini -Sundae                 2.99

One scoop, one topping, whipped cream and cherry 

 Mini –Split                     3.50

 Half  a banana, one scoop of ice  cream,

 one topping, whipped cream and cherry.  

Milkshake                      4.50

Your favorite  ice cream blended to perfection.

Root Beer Float           4.25 

Two scoops vanilla ice cream and Barq’s root beer.





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